Welcome to AMCCT AB, we will develop the next generation of Intermodal transports towards a completely CO2-free infrastructure!

we have gathered the innovative cutting-edge knowledge! who dare to think differently about the future and to move forward!


We have had internal discussions about where we should be located to develop further and especially to develop AMCCT AB in the best possible way. Several places have been relevant. What is most likely at present is Örnsköldsvik but is not definitively decided. There is access to competent employees and the industrial composition of the resort is positive. We intend to start up the business when all conditions are in place.


It looked like we could get started on March 1, but after internal discussions, we postponed that date until after the holidays. The reason is that we have prioritized working silently with intellectual property rights. We realized that it is not possible to have a proper discussion, about all the new possibilities that are created, before we can put all the possibilities on the table. Furthermore, this is such a big step that we must be able to conduct our discussions in detail and also feel confident that our ideas will not just disappear. We reckon that we have filed all the relevant patent documents before the holiday ends. Therefore, there may be further shifts for this phase is extremely important, and has priority 1, for the future.

IDEDU AB a separate company but with ownership interests from AMCCT AB.

We have set up the company IDEDU AB, which will for the first time be a separate company. The company will develop the entire concept in the intermodal transport sector that corresponds to what AMCCT has developed, regarding the future of intermodal transport. But ports and handling within the ports are also affected by the future development as well as freight on express trains. But to get a better description, visit IDEDUS's website.


It is a great mission that we have placed on IDEDU! They will now be able to fully focus on the mission and have total responsibility for it to be implemented according to our directives. Schedules and requirements specifications are developed and form a solid structure to work towards.


The company AMCCT AB will work with the overall goals and work towards the market both within Sweden but also towards foreign markets. The organization will not be large in the beginning but will be adapted to market requirements. The location of AMCCT AB may also be located in a location other than IDEDU AB. The previous high-speed trains and high-speed innovations have been placed in a separate company, FUMIS AB.


We have long experience and are easy to collaborate with and are very creative. For a long time we have been working towards more environmentally friendly solutions. We work towards sustainable overall concepts, had it as a goal long before everyone even started talking about sustainable scenarios. We are not just talking about it, we are doing it, and we have been doing it for decades



Creative Innovations!

We also want to provide opportunities to take part in the thoughts and innovations that we are working on, and which will guide IDEDU, we believe in open action and dialogue instead of locking ourselves in our own chamber. We have compiled, together with IDEDU AB, today 3 innovations that we have written simple pdf documents describing how we look at the future. May be office version in some cases but we believe in them and ourselves! You can click on the respective image below and you will go directly to the respective pdf file.


Image 2

Innovation 2

high-speed train not only for passengers but also for goods. The whole country lives on!


How should the countryside take advantage of the fast infrastructure by express train? We include goods on the high-speed / high-speed trains. The new structure of goods with a larger number of consignments with smaller packages changes the current freight flow.

Image 2

Innovation 3

future fast intermodal transport.


One of the most important innovations and where we can create a completely CO2-free infrastructure. A comprehensive innovation that affects all the stages of intermodal transport. The document is alive so it will be further developed.




Image 2

Innovation 4

Future port solutions and handling in ports.


Here are some innovations in ports and marine technology. Future managements and layouts for rational port management. The document is alive so it will be further developed.







AMCCT terminal.

We still have the link to our animation of how an AMCCT terminal version 2 works. You can click on the image above and you will go directly to the animation.


Distribution in version 2 of the AMCCT system.


You will find that link if you click on the image and you will get to the animation that previously showed the distribution of a container and how it is left with the customer in special posts intended to receive unit loads.